Principal Investments

Maximize Returns …

Minimize Risk.

In addition to providing advisory services, Strauss Capital Partners may consider direct investments in selected companies. We will invest our own capital, partner with management, co-invest with private equity firms, or partner with high net worth individuals.

Our objective is to realize long-term capital appreciation for our management partners and our investors by investment in companies that can grow through operating improvements, the availability of capital and further acquisitions. We seek companies where profits can be increased by geographic expansion, the introduction of new product lines and through acquisitions of other companies in its industry.

We seek to identify, and create a strategic alliance with, management teams that share our goals for the company's future. We believe that strong management is the most important element in a successful transaction. We look to identify companies with highly competent managers who put a premium on quality and innovation -- in the products offered and service provided.

We are receptive to attractive investment opportunities across a wide spectrum of businesses, with particular interest in smaller middle-market companies which can serve as a base for strategic growth. Specifically, we are interested in less-cyclical industries which exhibit growth potential based on consumer or market demand, and which have identifiable barriers to entry.

Acquisition Criteria

Transaction size: Companies with trailing cash flow (EBITDA) of greater than $1,000,000

Valuation: Valuation is typically based on a multiple of historical cash flow and a company’s future prospects.

Management criteria: Existing management is expected to stay with the business for a reasonable transition period. We prefer situations where management is eager to stay and grow the business.

Geography: United States

Investment model: Leveraged buyouts, management backed acquisitions, platform acquisitions (i.e. an established business representing a significant base for growth), family management buyouts (estate planning), and distressed acquisitions (capital structure distress only).

Industry focus: Business services, distribution/supply, healthcare, and manufacturing.